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Parivu conducted a Volunteer Training Program at GKNM Hospital, Coimbatore. | You have to be carefull about Pneumococcal Pneumonia, if you are 50+

Time Donors alt

Time donation is a time-tested way of volunteerism in which a person commits to dedicate a fixed amount of time in a day to help another person

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All our work is funded by voluntary donations. Help us to improve the lives of older people by making a donation now.

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Be a Member alt

We invite you to join us in this transformational movement. The services offered through Parivu are for all elderly in the community.

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Swami's Speech

Our News & Events

  • Inaugural Ceremony

    As every one of us knows, the world senior citizens’ day will be celebrated in October 2014. For convenience sake, it is rescheduled on SUNDAY, the 5th OCTOBER, 2014, in GUJARATI SAMAJ FIRST FLOOR RAICHURA HALL, near CHINTHAMANI Super Market, Mettupalayam Road (RS Puram).

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  • Inaugural Ceremony

    We successfilly conducted a inauguration ceremony of Parivu– Coimbatore, a senior citizens’ society on Sunday, Twenty Ninth of September, Two thousand and thirteen at Six in the evening

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  • A community of volunteers

    The organisation plans to bring together volunteers from different walks of life. The city and it’s nearby suburbs will be divided into zones and each zone will have a group of volunteers.

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  • Curtain Raiser

    We successfilly conducted a Curtain Raiser program to make the awareness among the people about the Mission of Parivu.

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  • Are We Treating Our Elders Right?

    A gathering of grandparents and grandchildren at the event conducted by Parivu, a newly launched initiative by GKNM Hospital to help the elderly, highlighted this question, and suggested answers to it.

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Welcome to Parivu - A Senior Citizens' Society

Parivu is a society registered under the societies registration act 216/2013. It is started with the purpose of enriching and enhancing the life of elders in the city of Coimbatore.

The Problem
The ‘Silver Tsunami’ is going to hit us hard. With change in social demographics and the shift in the community towards urbanization and adoption of nuclear family, the rise of the elderly population poses significant challenge to the resources in the community. The peculiar problem associated with old age restricts access to vital services and resources that are often made for people who are ambulant and cognitively fit. At the same time, elderly who are well are often sidelined in the community preventing them from contributing their time, wisdom and skills to productive social causes.

The Solution
A healthy interacting vibrant community serves as an ideal place for on to grow old. Parivu hopes to engage the community to take care of the elders. By innovative programmes that we have designed we hope to ease the discomfort and disease of the elderly and encourage them to contribute fully back to the community.