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Time Donors alt

Time donation is a time-tested way of volunteerism in which a person commits to dedicate a fixed amount of time in a day to help another person

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Help Us! alt

All our work is funded by voluntary donations. Help us to improve the lives of older people by making a donation now.

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Be a Member alt

We invite you to join us in this transformational movement. The services offered through Parivu are for all elderly in the community.

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Swami's Speech

Know About Parivu!

Parivu- Coimbatore is a registered society under the Indian society registration act 216/2013, launched in 2013 to enhance well-being of the elderly community in the city of Coimbatore. By providing innovative, practical, affordable and timely solutions to the issues faced by elderly in the community, Parivu intends to improve the quality of life of the elderly so that they can live a dignified life. And once again contribute back to the community they live in.

To help the elderly in the community.

To enhance the quality of the life of the elderly by providing them services that will ease their discomfort and disease and encourage them to contribute fully back to the community.